We help and advise clients who live off their public image; may that be an artist, athlete, celebrity or anyone who belongs in any other way to a public activity. We do this by developing their external image, body language, attitudes and the most adequate skills to transmit their identity and values to the public. Have you ever wondered how many people know your image first before your own achievements or professional proposals?


We focus on the process of making and constructing a brand, through a strategy with the set of assets that identifies the brand, directly or indirectly. Influencing the value of the brand, both externally and internally. Differentiating a brand from others today is more and more difficult, therefore, one of the most important keys to a business is branding and the power of the brand to differentiate itself as well as the experience that is linked to it.


The personal brand is the way the markets and people percieve us. Self-knowledge, personal strategy and visibility are the key points of the Personal Brand. With this strategy we persue the definition of objectives, purposes, brand values, business models and the message we want to convey. Through visibility and exposure we cover the communication process of your brand, so that it clearly reaches the different groups of interest where you want to direct it to.

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